Having successfully completed the Winter and Spring semesters of 2017, TELLS Language School did not forget about its young learners and instead organised a summer school for them. The summer school resembled the traditional "summer camp", which was once very popular, but has since been erased from our memories.

Continuing the summer camp tradition, TELLS simply introduced it to its young students in a different way. The main purpose of the summer school was to help children learn the secrets of the English language within a month using fun activities. For the project to succeed, the TELLS team developed a fun, but also educational, programme for the children. Its goal was to help them increase their level of English by at least one level during the month and acquire enough vocabulary to express their own ideas. The children were taught English not through tedious lessons but using fun activities and creative, thought-provoking presentations.

TELLS Language School successfully completed this project and within a month we managed to gain the trust of parents.

We would like to express our gratitude to everybody who contributed to the success of such a responsible project. We especially thank the teachers and their assistants, the parents who trusted us, the children who love us, and the chefs who provided the children with delicious food.

As a trusted language school, TELLS is always at your disposal. We look forward to developing new successful projects with you in the future and wish every success to all our existing and potential students!